We Are a Church



United in Faith, Hope and Love

Our faith is in Jesus Christ.
Our hope is in God's Word.

Our love is for God, each other and our community.


United in Song

We love to sing.


Our worship includes traditional, contemporary and world hymns accompanied by organ or piano and occasionally by acoustic guitar. 


Our adult choir sings 3 times per month.


Our handbell choir plays once per month.


Both children and adults 
provide music during worship.


United in Service

We host a free, monthly Community Meal.


We host 2 Alcholics Anonymous and
3 Narcotics Anonymous groups.


We share our building with a Spanish-speaking church.


We financially support both local
and international ministries.


United in Prayer

We pray regularly for each other and our world.


We host a prayer page for all our members.


To all who are young and need counsel;

To all who are old and seek meaning;
To all who are strong and want a task;
To all who are weary and need rest;
To all who are lonely and want companionship;
To all who mourn and need comfort;
To all who are joyous and want to give thanks;
To all who are sinful and need a Savior – 

This Church opens wide its doors

in the name of Christ our Lord,  and says,